Getting Started


There are only two pre-requisites for PSJira:

  1. A working JIRA environment
  2. PowerShell 3.0 or greater

You do not need to be a JIRA administrator to use PSJira, though of course you won’t be able to perform admin-only tasks if you don’t have those permissions.


If you have PowerShell 5.0 (or the PackageManagement module), you can install PSJira easily with a single line.

Install-Module PSJira

If you don’t have PowerShell 5, consider updating! It’s pretty quick and easy, and there are a fair amount of new features.

If updating isn’t an option, consider installing PackageManagement on PowerShell 3 or 4 (you can do so from the PowerShell gallery using the “Get PowerShellGet for PS 3 & 4” button).

First-Time Setup

Before using PSJira, you’ll need to define the URL of the JIRA server you’ll be using. You can do this with just one line of PowerShell:

Set-JiraConfigServer -Server ''

That’s it! You should only need to do that once (it saves a config.xml file to the same location where the PSJira module is saved).


If you installed PSJira to Program Files, you may need to run the above command in an elevated PowerShell session. Otherwise, you might get an Access Denied error.